Fuji Nihon

Company profile

Fuji Nihon Thai Inulin is the first company to produce Inulin fiber from sugar in the world.

The company concentrates to produce Inulin and Glucose Syrup with good quality by the Safety of Production Process with Standard and Develop continuously for the Best Satisfaction of Customers

The factory was established in 2012 by Fuji Nihon Seito Corporation from Japan. Located in Banpong, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand to start commercials production on May 2014 with production capacity around 6,500 tons/year.

For More Information - www.ftinulin.co.th

Inulin - Fuji FF Inulin is a type of soluble dietary fiber that exists widely in nature. It is a natural component that can be found is such familiar vegetables as onions, burdock, garlic, and leeks, as well as in chicory and Jerusalem artichokes. Bread, Cookie, Biscuit, Tea drink, Gummies, Snacks bar

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