Zhaoqing Jin Sanjiang silicon material co., LTD

Zhaoqing Jin Sanjiang silicon material co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Jin Sanjiang, JSJ) was established in 2003, the production base is the snow in guangzhou chemical co., LTD., is specialized in the production of toothpaste with and PE separator with silicon dioxide battery series products of modern enterprises. Used for Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical ,toothpaste, food and storage battery. A leading supplier of SiO2 in toothpaste in China, 70% share in China .A R&D Center with innovation capability and broad relationship with top Universities and CAS in China Two plants, with advanced production lines, Zhaoqing plant having 60,000 tons of capacity, Lianyungang designing 90,000 tons, total 150,000 tons.

Silica Dioxide (ZI-185 type) THICKENING SILICA
Silica Dioxide(FX-W1) GENERAL SILICA
Silica Dioxide (MIA type) ABRASIVE SILICA


ISO9001 ,ISO14001 ,Halal Certificate,Food Additives Certificate,REACH Certificate,Sedex

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