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Sunresin's resin portfolio include about 25 product categories and more than 200 different resin types which are broadly used in industries such as: Water and Waste water treatment, Food Processing, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Plant Extraction, Membrane Caustic Soda, Hydrometallurgy, as well as Municipal Water Treatment among others.

After many years of development, Yusweet has become a well-known polyol provider with a product portfolio covering Xylose, Xylitol, Erythritol, Maltitol, L-arabinose, and compounded sugar.

With continuous improvement in sustainability and efficiency, Yusweet has built long-term partnerships with many famous customers at home and abroad.

Yusweet's customers span across the food, health care, pharmaceutical & daily chemical industries.

Yusweet remains committed to innovation and quality in the polyol industry.

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Xylitol Xylitol is categorized as a sugar alcohol. Chemically, sugar alcohols combine traits of sugar molecules and alcohol molecules. Their structure allows them to stimulate the taste receptors for sweetness on your tongue. chewing gum, candy, chocolate, Coffee sugar, beverage, desserts, ice cream, medicine & health care products
Erythritol Erythritol is unique from other sugar alcohols because it contains zero calories. It is almost as sweet as sugar and has practically no calories. Erythritol is designed to replace sugar and calories to create “diet-friendly” results. Beverages, Candy & Ice cream, Yogurt, Coated food, Effervescent tablets
Maltitol Maltitol is a sugar alcohol, also known as a polyol used as a sugar substitute in food products. Derived from maltose, it provides sweetness similar to sucrose with fewer calories. Maltitol is utilized in sugar-free and reduced-sugar items. Candy, Drinks, Desserts

Yusweet's Products are Certified with:

  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Allergen
  • Heavy Metals
  • Aflatoxin
  • Nitrosamine

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