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Sunresin is an innovation oriented high-tech enterprise, specialized in supplying Ion exchange resins, adsorption & separation resins, equipment solutions and relevant technical services.

With almost 20 years of manufacturing experience, it is the listed company in the IER industry (Shenzhen Stock code 300487) which provides a high level of transparency to its customers.

Sunresin manufactures about 50,000M³ of ion exchange resins and adsorbers annually, supplying furthermore customers with tens of adsorption and separation equipment.

Sunresin's resin portfolio include about 25 product categories and more than 200 different resin types which are broadly used in industries such as: Water and Waste water treatment, Food Processing, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Plant Extraction, Membrane Caustic Soda, Hydrometallurgy, as well as Municipal Water Treatment among others.

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Powder Resins It is an insoluble and supplied as a dry, fine powder, which is suitable for use in pharmaceutical applications. Available resins are: LPF 860, LX100, LX200, LX400 used in Suspensions , Oral Medications, Lozenges
Chromatographic Resins Chromatography is a technique that is used for separation of mixtures.The components of the mixture to be separated flow through the stationary phase material at different rates, which creates waves or bands. Available resins are: SP Seplife® FF Agarose, CM Seplife® FF Agarose, NI Seplife® 6FF (IDA) Affinity, Seplife G Series-Dextran used in Tablets & capsules
Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis It can be defined as a process in which a peptide anchored by its C-terminus to an insoluble polymer is assembled by the successive addition of the protected amino acids constituting its sequence. Available resins are: Wang Resin, CTC Resin, Rink Amide Resin, Siber Resin used in Tablets & capsules
Metal Chelating Resin A chelating resin has a functional group that is capable of forming a chelate (complex) with a metal ion. Available resins are: Lax absorbent resin used in Tablets & capsules

Sunresin's Products are Certified with:

  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • GMO
  • Allergen
  • Melamine
  • Nitrosamine

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