Samyang Group has established in 1924 , which is the leading manufacturer of Functional Sweetener and Dietary Fiber. We have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of change and innovation in order to become an R&D-based global company offering specialized product

With Annual Revenue of 4.2 Billion USD in 2021, Number of employees Approximately 3,000; Samyang group offers its product range to Food, Chemical, Biopharmaceutical and many more.

Since building the sugar refinery in Ulsan in 1955, Samyang Corporation has steadily supplied various food ingredients, including sugar, starch sugar, flour and oil/fat.

Based on their exceptional production and R&D capabilities, Samyang is now expanding their business scope to the development and supply of specialty ingredients that offer remarkable effectiveness.

Smayang is committed to emerge as the Global Solution Provider in the health and nutrition area, where they improve health and adds vitality to our lifestyle with highly-effective functional foods developed and supplied based on their continuous R&D efforts.

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Allulose (Nexweet®)

Nexweet® Allulose is a rare type of sugar found in some fruits or crops, such as figs and raisins, and is about 70% the sweetness of sugar. It provides a sweetness profile to sugar while reducing calorie intake. It was exempted from the added sugar labelling requirements from FDA.

It is used as a low-calorie sweetener in various food and beverage products and other typically high-calorie items. It is also used as a sugar substitute in household settings and is considered keto-friendly & non-glycemic .

Allulose Applications

Industry Application
Beverages Carbonated drinks, Energy drink, Fruit juice, Fruit or vegetable drink, Plant based drinks, RTD coffee
Bakery Cream, Bread, Cereal bars, Frozen dough
Dairy Yogurt, Fermented milk products, Ice cream, Popsicle, Powdered tea
Confectionary Cookie, Chocolate, Cup cake, Dark chocolate, Gummy
Sauces & Spreads Choco spreads, Mayonnaise, Mustard sauce, Pumpkin milk jam, Soy sauce, Sauces, Blended sweetener syrup, Blueberry jam

Benefits of Allulose

  • No glycemic impact
  • Lightly sweet flavor
  • Improved gut health
  • Weight reduction
  • 0.2-0.4 calories per gram
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Specifications of Allulose

Specifications Value
pH value (10% solution) 3.0-7.0
D-Allulose >99.0%
Shelf life 24 months
Total calories >40

Top FAQs on Allulose


  • Halal, Kosher, Composition Statement, NGP Certificate

Clinical Studies

  • Decreasing Body Fat, No Tooth Decay, Suppressing increase in Blood Sugar After Meal


Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) also sometimes called oligofructose or oligofructan, are oligosaccharide fructans, used as an alternative sweetener . FOS exhibits sweetness levels between 30 and 50 percent of sucrose. It occurs naturally, and its commercial use emerged in the 1980s in response to demand for healthier and calorie-reduced foods.

FOS Applications

Industry Application
Nutraceuticals Nutritious breakfast cereals, Nutrition Bar, Baby foods, Supplements
Food Bakery delights, Beverages, Delectable desserts, Traditional sweets

Benefits of FOS

  • Healthy digestion
  • 95% pure FOS & low GI
  • Exceptional heat and acid resistance
  • Weight Management
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Specifications of FOS

Specifications Value
FOS content >=95%
Packaging >20KG craft paper
Shelf life 24 months

Top FAQs on FOS

Increasing the levels of soluble fiber in the diet from FOS has been shown to reduce or eliminate digestive issues, such as constipation or diarrhea.


  • Halal, Kosher, Composition Statement, Allergen, Non GMO, TSE-BSE, ETO, OVI

Resistant Maltodextrin (Fiberest)

Fibersol-2, or resistant dextrin, is a soluble corn fiber utilized as a dietary fiber supplement. Known for its low-calorie content and minimal impact on blood sugar, it's often added to various food products. Its ability to resist digestion in the small intestine contributes to its role in promoting digestive health & supporting a balanced diet.

Fiberest Applications

Industry Application
Beverages Flavoured water, Jelly drinks, Carbonated drinks, Matcha green tea
Bakery Bread, Cereal bar, Muffins, Pastry, Bars
Dairy Yogurt, Ice cream
Confectionary Butter cookie, Chewing candy, Chocolate, Gummy, Hard candy, Sponge cake
Savory Steak sauce , Potato chips, Instant soup

Recipes Available

Bread | Carbonated Drinks | Cereal | Chewing Candy | Drinking Yogurt | Fiberest Butter Cookie | Fiberest Cereal Bar

Fiberest Flavored Water | Fiberest Gummy | Fiberest Hard Candy | Fiberest Jelly Drinks | Fiberest Muffins

Ice Cream | Instant Potato Soup | Pastry | Protein Bar | Protein Drink | Pumkin MilkJam | Sponge Cake

Fiberest Steak Sauce | Fiberest Chocolate

Benefits of Fiberest

  • Dietary Fiber Content 90%(Dry Solid Basis)
  • Low Sugar Content
  • Bulking Agent
  • Heat & pH Stable
  • Excellent Freeze-Thaw Stability
  • Improves Viscosity
  • Masks Off-notes

Specifications of Fiberest

Specifications Value
CAS NO 9050-36-6
pH (10% solution) 4.0-6.0
Appearance White to light yellow powder
Dietary fibre >90%
Shelf life 24 months

Top FAQs on Fiberest

Yes, Fiberest Resistant Dextrin is vegan-friendly.


  • Halal, Kosher, Non GMO, TSE-BSE, Allergen