Rico Carrageenan

Rico Carrageenan is a brand of W Hydrocolloids, the leading global carrageenan supplier with more than 150 clients from five (5) main regions worldwide: Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

W Hydrocolloids, Inc. is a cornerstone in aquaculture innovation.

Seaweed is one of nature’s wonder and an ultimate gift from the sea. Grown and produced primarily in the Philippines, Eucheuma seaweed is continually being developed through the years to maximize its potential in providing food innovation for different food applications, helping our large network of seaweed farmers attain sustainability while providing clients specific and tailor-made blends that will improve their products.

For more than 40 years, RICO Carrageenan through W Hydrocolloids, Inc. constantly innovates in providing optimum food solutions around the globe making Rico Carrageenan the world’s preferred carrageenan brand. Centered on passion for growth with the aim to provide only the best in the food solutions business, we continue to make products more reliable and valuable for our customers..

82 Series FROZEN DESSERT Ice Cream Induces fine ice crystals.
(Bulk, Sorbet, Extruded,Soft Served) Improves heat shock property.
Develops melting resistance.
Prevents whey-off.
Provides high overrun stability.
Water Ice Incorporates product chewiness and smoothness-ideal for non-drip desserts.
(Jelly-Tongue Lollies,Ice Popsies, Ice Lollies). Ensures formation of very fine ice crystals
83 Series JELLY Dessert Jelly Provides highly elastic and very pliable resilient gels with chewy texture.
(Water Jelly, Milk Pudding,Milk Flan) Allows easy demoulding
Imparts a creamy and smooth mouth¬ feel with syneresis control.
Jelly Powder Gives soft, transparent and elastic gels for quick consumer preparation of cold & instant desserts.
85 Series DAIRY BEVERAGE Milk Provides high viscosity and uniform distribution of suspended solids.
(Chocolate Milk, Soy Milk, HTST/Batch Processed Milk, UHT Processed or Canned Milk) Gives good shear stability to prevent viscosity loss.
86 Series SAUCES Ketchup , Gravy, Dressing Reinforces body
Prevents spattering
Thickens and controls flowability.
Provides pH and thermal stability.
Gives execellent clinging property.
CONFECTIONERY Dulce de Leche, Caramel ,Creme Brulee, Glaze,Gummy Candy Provides textural and structural properties
Gives smoothness and homogeneity.
Provides good spreadability.
CHEESE Cream , Grated , Sliced,Block, Quick Melt,Feta Cheese Provides good grating and sliceability.
Promotes uniform protein distribution
88 Series GENERAL Semi-refined.Iota and Kappa,Refined Iota and Kappa Pure Carrageenan
89 Series PHARMACEUTICALS Soft Gel Capsules Gives viscosity and body to pharmaceutical end products.
Provides soft, odorless and gelatin-free material for encapsulation

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