About Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd:

Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd. was founded in November, 1988. In 2004, NHU was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the first SME. Its net assets have reached 4.2 billion Yuan. At present, NHU has more than 5000 staffs and is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of over 50 products, such as pharmaceutical, health protection products, pharmaceutical intermediates, flavor & fragrance, food additives and feed additives, etc.
As of today, NHU has three modern production bases - Zhejiang Xinchang, Zhejiang Shangyu and Shandong Weifang and has more than 6,000 employees, which leads the export and sales for VE, VA, VD3, Raspberry Ketone, Astaxanthin, Linalool. We have established close cooperation with advanced enterprises at home and abroad. NHU now becomes a famous brand and dozens of international renowned pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies trust us. NHU is recognized as one of top 100 Chinese pharmaceutical companies, China's top 100 listed companies. We are striving for the vision of “China NHU; World NHU”

New Harmony Union

New Harmony Union, also called as, NHU has a state-level technology center, a National Post doctoral Research & Development Center, and has developed:

* 13 state-level new products

* 12 National Torch Plan Projects

* 1 National Key Technology Research & Development Program

* 2 National Science and Technology Support Programs

* 2 National High Technology Research & Development Program of China (863 Program) 54 patent licenses.

NHU is Chinese Famous Trademark, and Vitamin branded NHU is Chinese Famous Product. In 2011, the new green synthesis process and industrialization of soluble Vitamins and carotenoid achieved the second prize of the National Science and Technology Invention Award.
NHU will adhere to the professional way, focus in the field of fine chemicals, strengthen the major, strive for the aim of “Innovating Fine Chemical Technology, Improving the Quality of Human Life”, and make NHU an international famous multinational fine chemical enterprise. NHU Strictly follows quality management system according to FAMIQS standard. NHU Products are HALAL, KOSHER, ISO, and GMP Certified.

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