For the past half a century, KOHJIN Life Sciences has continued to develop and refine our yeast fermentation processes utilizing world class microbiological technologies. We have developed many yeast extracts focusing on their useful components such as nucleotides, amino acids, and peptides which we promote as natural food ingredients. At the same time we have entered new non-food markets by linking our strong R&D with our advanced proprietary fermentation expertise. We will continue to manufacture and market our yeast derived products utilizing a focused management approach and within a quality management framework that meets global standards.

Contributing to the quality of life through food, health and with respect for the environment, by combining the blessings of nature with scientific development.

KOHJIN Life Sciences, as a member of the Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences group, supplies high value-added products utilizing our own biotechnology and the wealth of our expertise, to support the enrichment of human life through the fields of food ingredients, health foods and pharmaceuticals, all based on our watchwords of health, safety, comfort, good taste and nature.

Research & Development

R&D at KOHJIN Life Sciences is centered on basic research into how to most efficiently obtain a targeted molecule from microbes, mainly yeasts. Our R&D is the backbone that supports the production of numerous yeast extract products for use in the production of foods and the production of glutathione for use in medical applications. We also create new innovative yeast extracts that meet our customers’ needs and we carry out research into the application of these new compounds in various food matrices.

L‐Glutathione (Reduced) AMINO ACIDS


*1 FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification):

Standards of food safety management system that meet requirements of ISO22000, basic guidelines of food safety, and other additional requirements not part of ISO22000

*2 IPM (Integrated Pest Management):

Pest control management techniques for factories.

*3 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice):

Manufacturing process management standards to ensure the product is being safely manufactured to an identifie quality standard in every process from receipt of raw materials to production and dispatch.

*4 AIB (American Institute of Baking) Food Safety Program:

Factory floor oriented manufacturing process management standards proposed by the American Institute of Baking (AIB)

*5 Kosher:

Certification of food prepared in accordance with Jewish teaching

*6 Halal:

Certification of food prepared in accordance with sharia (Islamic law)

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