About JF Natural:

Founded in 1999, JF Natural (JFN) is specialized in manufacturing and commercializing ingredients extracted from fruit, vegetable, and herbal plants
* JFN manufactures ingredients obtained from both water/ethanol extraction and column purification
* We are the No.1 company in China whom product the grape seed extract and apple extract since 1999.
* Key products include herbal extracts (ginseng, giant knotweed,soybean etc.) and fruit extract (grape seed, apple, berries anthocyanidins…) with new works shop for juice&pree spray dried powders.
* The current site occupies an area of 20,000m2 (including office, extraction workshop, spray dry tower, warehouse)
* Another 20,000m2 available right next to the current site (owned by the target), available for future expansion
* 60% of total output is exported, mainly to the U.S.,EU, JAPAN and Korea.
* Located in a dynamic industrial and economic zone in Tianjin,Northern China

120 Employees as of Jan’15, of which

* 55 in production department

* 6 in R&D and 18 in QA & QC
* 10 in sales department

The company insists on the concept of enterprise is based on product quality; possesses the perfect quality assurance system and implements strict product standard, which is proved by passing ISO9001,HACCP, KOSHER,GMP certificate.

For More Information - http://www.jf-natural.com/?lang=en

5 HTP ‐ Griffonia Seed Extract EXTRACTS
Apple Extract EXTRACTS
Black Currant Extract EXTRACTS
Citrus Paradisi Macfadyen P.E EXTRACTS
Cranberry Extract ‐ 5%, 10%, 25% & 50% EXTRACTS
Flaxseed Extract EXTRACTS
Grape Seed Extract EXTRACTS
Grape Skin Extract EXTRACTS
Green Tea Extract EXTRACTS
HibiscusExtract EXTRACTS
Ivy Leaf Extract EXTRACTS
LemonExtract EXTRACTS
MulberryExtract EXTRACTS
Pomegranate Extract EXTRACTS
Reservertol(PolygonamExtract) EXTRACTS
RosehipExtract EXTRACTS
SoybeanExtract EXTRACTS