Firmenich is acclaimed to be one of the world’s leading flavor houses. Firmenich is the name of a family personally committed to its customers for more than a hundred years. Many a leading brands containing Firmenich flavors are known to be bestsellers, the world over. firmenich is the world leader in citrus flavors of unmatched taste and performance. Firmenich have unraveled the secrets of nature’s volatile flavors and aromas to create a superior range of fruity flavors. Their key ingredient of flavor is made in Geneva, Switzerland. As the largest worldwide supplier of powder flavor systems, Firmenich has been a leader in the supply of Powdarome Spray dried flavors producing high quality, cost-effective flavors to the Pharmaceutical industry. Durarome proprietary technology results in the formation of tiny rods containing flavor oil. Durarome has four years’ shelf life and is used in a range of pharmaceutical products from Tablets to ORS, Dry syrups etc. Durarome flavors are available in 25kg and 5kg packaging. With years of experience in synthesizing new molecules, Firmenich has developed the expertise to offer highly Cost effective flavors, which are superior in taste and performance. These flavours provide the end users with the superior quality of products that Firmenich is very well known for. A private company with a public governance, Firmenich values its independence and long-term view of the industry. That’s why it operates according to the highest standards of governance worldwide.

Operational excellence is represented by the high calibre of international Board of Directors, led by Patrick Firmenich, Chairman of the Board, as well as its Executive Team, headed by Gilbert Ghostine, CEO.

With their technical and creative solutions to address health and nutrition issues, Firmenich also consistently creates flavor products that consumers know and love. They apply innovative approaches, and have developed partnerships with leading innovators. This enables them to elaborate and take to market flavors to improve the dietary profile of products. Restoring great taste to sugar-reduced food and beverages is a frequent assignment, and a challenge they have been succeeding at for years.

At Firmenich, thanks to their passion for innovation and problem solving, they are constantly developing their expertise, technologies and service levels to ensure that they maintain their leadership in citrus.

They are leaders in creating concentrated products and flavor systems of unmatched taste performance from an extensive range of ingredients and compounds.

To obtain winning flavors solutions for their customers' products, they use a number of in-house refined technologies ranging from unique concentration technologies, such as Tetrarome® and Citronova® to industry leading encapsulation methods like Durarome®, which protects the flavor until the moment of consumption.

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The World of fragrance

We shape fragrances to bring the most memorable moments to caring, cleaning and perfuming. We aim for the highest levels of creativity and performance to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We apply our expertise to create moments of delight for consumers. Firmenich solutions enhance the daily experiences of body care, skin cleansing, hair care, AP/ Deo and skin care brands.

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