Enzo Nutraceuticals ltd is a New Zealand based company that specializes in the extraction of Pine Bark Extract, an extract derived from the bark of Gerardania trees. Enzo is an award winning, science based company that has undertaken numerous clinical trials to support the efficacy of its products. Pine Bark Extract is sold in multiple countries around the world and is proudly represented in India by KP Manish.

Pine Bark Extract EXTRACTS

Pine Bark Extract

Enzo’s Pine Bark Extract is produced with patented extraction technology that uses only purified water as the solvent. The composition of Pine Bark Extract is a complex mixture of phenolics. More detailed information on its composition is presented below. Enzo Nutraceutical Ltd operates a quality assurance program as part of the extract production. Analyses are carried out both in house and at external independent laboratories. Every production batch is tested for microbial contamination. Periodically, heavy metal and herbicide & pesticide residue testing are carried out by independent laboratories (Gribbles Analytical Laboratories Ltd and Hill Laboratories Limited). The production of the pharmaceutical form is undertaken in GMP approved facilities.
Enzo’s Pine Bark Extract is a clinically tested, Procyanidin rich extract produced from the bark of the Gerardania. The product contains the highest levels of active ingredients compared to any other pine bark extract in the market. Pine Bark can be used as a nutritional intervention to support healthy blood glucose levels, brain health and oxidative stress.

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