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Headquartered in the "green heart of Germany", CFF GmbH & Co. KG is your strong Manufacturer for customer-specific and natural cellulose fibres with a global sales network in many different industries.

CFF's cellulose fibres are exclusively produced from organic and renewable raw materials at two different locations in Thuringia and Belgium.

The diversity and naturalness of their products is one of the most important factors of the company's success.

CFF achieve a symbiosis of innovative technologies and the fantastic power of nature for various applications.

They pursue the consistent target to continuously expand their product and application range at highest quality standards.

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SANACEL® WHEAT SANACEL® wheat fibres are natural dietary fibre concentrates obtained from the cell walls of the wheat plant through a very gentle production process. They are insoluble dietary fibres, neutral in odour & taste & are totally inert. Breads, muffins, tortillas and wraps, Pizza crusts, Granola bars, Snack bars, Crackers, Breakfast cereals, Gravies, Sauces.
SANACEL® pea SANACEL® pea is a fibre, which is made by a particularly gentle production from the yellow inner pea. It is directly produced after harvesting and has therefore limited seasonal availability. Bread, Muffins, Pastries & other Baked goods
SANACEL® Cellulose SANACEL® cellulose powder is an additive (E460ii) according to the EU-food additives legislation and is a highly pure part of native cellulose, available as fibre or fibre powder Cookies, Crackers, Biscuits, Sponge cake, Muffins, Wafers, White bread, Cakes

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