SPLENDA® Sucralose is a zero-calorie sweetener that has a sugar-like taste profile and is exceptionally stable in a wide variety of manufacturing processes. That’s why SPLENDA® Sucralose is trusted in the development of more than 5,000 products in over 80 countries.

SPLENDA® Sucralose comes with Tate & Lyle support and expertise

As a leader in sweetening solutions, we understand that sugar does more than sweeten in most applications, and we have the portfolio and the expertise to deliver a complete solution that will delight your consumers. Our unique package of nutrition expertise, consumer insight, formulation service and resources, regulatory support and ingredient innovation will ensure you get your beverages and foods to market faster and more effectively.

Significant physiological benefits for consumers

Use of sucralose in foods and drinks has proven physiological benefits for ‘reduction of post-prandial blood glucose response’ and ‘maintenance of tooth mineralization’. It was granted two health claims when compared to a regular sugar version

Great stability

Sucralose maintains its sweetness over a long shelf life. It is also exceptionally stable in a wide variety of manufacturing processes and food and beverage systems, including low-pH environments and in the presence of live cultures.

Proven quality and reliability

Our manufacturing excellence and quality assurance is endorsed by strict external audits. Our state of the art manufacturing facility means we can assure security of supply through our strategic stock and sustainable manufacturing plan. And with our zero-defect shipment policy, you will always get the highest quality sucralose.We also invest heavily in managing the reputation of sucralose to ensure consumers understand all the benefits associated with it.

With SPLENDA® Sucralose you can:

* Optimize your recipe cost
* Reduce the sugar and caloric content of your products
* Guarantee great taste and sweetness


* Beverages
* Dairy desserts
* Confectionery
* Dressings and sauces
* Ice cream
* Processed fruits
* Nutritional supplements

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