Soya Protein Isolate 90%

Non-GMO soybean proteins. Good dispersibility, good elasticity, good gel and emulsion, white color gel, specially suitable for emulsified sausages, injected meat, fish food and frozen food.


* 1 part protein absorbs 5 parts water and 5 parts oil.

* Excellent Emulsification, increases output capacity.

* Improve the texture of sausage.

* Good dispersibility, good elasticity.

* Easy to combine with meat.

* It is non-dusty type, absorbs water easily, the dissolubility is good and non-agglomeration.


Kosher、Halal、HACCP、BRC、ISO9001:2008、ISO22000:2005 & IP certified.


The Products has Excellent Disperse ability, low sodium, different viscosities that are especially suitable for the following applications.

* Powder Beverage

* Mother & Child health

* Post – menopausal Women health

* Diabetic & anti -obesity Supplements

* Clinical Nutrition & Formulations

* Infant Nutrition

* Health Care products

* Sports Nutrition

* Fermentation