Rose Hip Extract

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Botanical Name: Rosa canina

Rose hips are also used for stomach disorders including stomach spasms, stomach acid deficiency, preventing stomach irritation and ulcers, and as a "stomach tonic" for intestinal diseases. They are also used for diarrhea, constipation, gallstones, gallbladder ailments, lower urinary tract and kidney disorders, fluid retention (dropsy or edema), gout, back and leg pain (sciatica), diabetes, high cholesterol, weight loss, high blood pressure, chest ailments, fever, increasing immune function during exhaustion, increasing blood flow in the limbs, increasing urine flow and quenching thirst.

In foods and in manufacturing, rose hips are used for tea, jam, soup, and as a natural source of vitamin C

* Halal & Kosher certified
* GMP Practitioner
* Non GMO
* From Natural Ingredients

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