PureCircle® Flavor NSF Family

The Stevia leaf has both sweetening and flavor properties. As the global leader in Stevia development, Pure Circle is able to naturally isolate flavoring components of the leaf. The results is a diverse portfolio of FEMA GRASTM approved natural flavors that provide concentrated sweetness – a unique tool in natural sugar reduction. Pure Circle flavors work great with Stevia products, oft en rounding out bitterness. However, they also work well on their own in creating moderate sugar reduction without the use of Reb A or other stevia sweeteners. A 10-20% sugar reduction is achievable using only Pure Circle Flavors to replace sugar. “Stevia Leaf Extract” need not be included on ingredient decks in this case.


* 330x sweeter than sugar
* Delivers up front sweetness
* Best for citrus and tropical fl avors
* Synergies with stevia, sugar and HFCS
* Max Usage Level – 30ppm (10ppm in EU markets)
* Labeled: Natural Flavor


* 100x sweeter than sugar
* Best for savory applications to enhance salt and spice
* Modifi es brown, dairy, cocoa and spicy notes
* Max usage level – 100ppm
* Labeled: Natural Flavor


* 140x sweetener than sugar
* Provides profi le parity to sugar across attributes
* Works to enhance fruit notes across a variety of applications
* Max Usage Level – 70ppm
* Labeled: Natural Flavor


* 100x sweeter than sugar
* Acid profi le modifi cation
* Synergies with stevia, sugar and HFCS
* Max Usage Level – 100ppm
* Labeled: Natural Flavor

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