Powdered or granulated lecithin is an excellent functional additive for various foods. To produce the tasteless powder, the oil content and the free fatty acid is removed from the liquid lecithin. The resulting pure lecithin has a high phospholipid concentration and enhanced emulsification properties. The neutral flavor and easy dosing enable numerous applications in various products in a broad range of industries.The free-flowing, bright yellow pure lecithin has a veryfine particle size and can be incorporated easily intopowder formulations. Compared to liquid lecithins,the dosage can be simplified and at the same time– due to the increased proportion of phospholipids –reduced considerably insofar as its amount.


Deoiled Soya Lecithin Powder, AI 97 %


* Emulsifier
* Antioxidant
* Wetting Agent
* Crystallization Control
* Extrusion Aid


* Instant products
* Confectionary
* Baking
* Extruded Products
* Cosmetics
* Pharmaceuticals Liposomes
* Cosmetic
* Health Supplements

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