Inulin - Fibruline Instant

Fibruline®, chicory inulin, is a soluble dietary fibre extracted from chicory roots by a natural process. It's a naturally-sourced food ingredient. Fibruline® Instant is an easy to disperse fine granulated white powder, giving mouthfeel to a wide range of food applications. Belonging to the fructan group, inulin is a non-digestible oligosaccharide built up of fructose units with B2-1 bonds, mostly ending by a glucose unit.

Method of analysis

Inulin and oligofructose (fructan) level in food products can be analysed by the following method: AOAC 997.08.


KOSHER & HALAL (on demand) certified ingredient. Does not contain GMO's or GMO-derived components. Not produced using GMO-based technology (not concerned by EC 1829/2003 and EC 1830/2003).


No labelling required according to EC legal requirements for Allergen Labelling 1169/2011/EC, repealing Directive 2000/13/EC.


* Natural bulking agent

* Easy to disperse

* White colored


* Protein enrichment

* Soy alternative

* Milk substitute

* Non-dairy alternative

* Gluten-free

* Emulsifying capacities

* Clarification

* Glazing agent

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