Gum Base

Gum base is an insoluble and non-nutritive substance which gives elasticity, resin texture and volume texture to gum. Simply, it is the remnant that remains in cavity after chewed, while flavors, sugar and other water-soluble substances are absorbed. Being a major ingredient f or gum, it takes up 15-20% of bubble gum, 20-25% of chewing gum and 25-30% of sugarless gum respectively. Bolak has been a trusted company in the confectionary industry in Korea for being the nation’s first producer of gum base.

In 1997, Bolak made a major impact in domestic and global markets with its introduction of automated equipment and is still the only domestic manufacturer of gum base. With frequent communication and information exchange done, we have grown with the nation’s leading gum companies and raw material suppliers from the early stage of gum production. We always go extra miles to satisfy customer’s needs and offer products which are just tailored to it.

Physical properties(such as elasticity, hardness and plasticity) of Bolak gum base are adjustable to exactly fit the desired texture by each customer.

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Chewing Gum Hard Coated Gum
Normal Stick Gum
Soft Cube Gum
Non-talc Long-lasting Gum
Sugarless Tablet Gum
Tubed Gum
Bubble Gum Soft Stick Gum
Vegetable-oil Block Gum