Gum Acacia

Instantgum™ is a full range of purified and instantized selected gum acacia, designed for a large range of functionalities. Depending on the origin of gum acacia, Instantgum™ offers specific properties.

Functional properties

* Emulsifier for oil in water emulsions
* Carrier for encapsulation
* Stabilizer for colloidal systems
* Texturizer in sugar and polyol mediums
* Binder for sugar and polyol compressed products

Nutritional properties

* Enrichment in soluble dietary fibers
* Improvement of digestive comfort
* Source of prebiotic fiber


* Provides excellent flavor retention, stability and shelf-life
* Adapted to a large range of functionalities (polyvalent functional range)

Available grades

Spraygum BAI

Film-forming & emulsifying properties for spray-drying encapsulation of oil soluble materials. Anti-crystallizing, texturizing and stabilizing effect in various confectionery applications (sugarless chewing-gum, tablets, lozenges, jelly beans…)

Instantgum™ AA

Emulsifying and stabilizing properties adapted for oil-in water emulsions

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