Controlled release to protect nutrients from gastric acids

EUDRAGUARD® control is a functional coating designed for enteric release, sustained-release formulations and gastro retention.

These water-based coatings are suitable for tablets, multiparticules and soft- and hard-shell capsules. They have been specifically designed for dietary supplement applications that require reliable and reproducible controlled-release profiles.

EUDRAGUARD® control coatings are quick and easy to apply, enabling high throughput. They provide a smooth and even finish for visual appeal and to enable easy swallowing. And because the coatings can be applied and processed at low temperatures, heat-sensitive ingredients remain fully intact. This also ensures a safe working environment.

EUDRAGUARD® control meets the regulatory requirements for use in dietary supplements in the European Union (E 1206) and the United States (GRAS).

EUDRAGUARD® control is applicable for water-soluble health ingredients that are:

* Absorbed in the stomach, e.g. anthocyanins, polyphenols, niancin.

* Absorbed in the early parts of the upper GI track (duodenum), e.g. calcium, magnesium, biotin.

* Stable in acid (stomach) but not stable at neutral pH (intestine), e.g. green tea extracts, iron, riboflavin.

EUDRAGUARD® Control Gastric resistance Superior enteric protection Fish oil, garlic oil
Targeted release at specific pH Extended release over time Vitamine C, caffeine and creatin
Sustained release Release over a long time in the stomach Anthocyanins
Gastro retention

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