Targeted colonic delivery of nutrition

EUDRAGUARD® biotic is a functional coating that enables targeted delivery of ingredients to the colon region. It protects sensitive ingredients from gastric and bile acid, and prevents adverse side effects such as substrate reflux.

Dietary supplements containing probiotics and prebiotics are rapidly gaining in popularity. However, some of their ingredients lose effectiveness if exposed to gastric acids and similar fluids. Many pro- and prebiotics are most effective when released near the colon region. As a result, formulators face the challenge of protecting their ingredients from gastric acid while ensuring targeted, reliable release.

EUDRAGUARD® biotic is a highly flexible polymer system that safeguards dietary supplement ingredients from gastric acid and supports release in the colon region. This safe delivery technology also has reproducible release profiles, and provides a smooth and even finish – enhancing visual appeal while making the final product easier to swallow.

These water-based coatings are suitable for tablets, granules, and soft- and hard-shell capsules. They are quick and easy to apply, enabling high throughput. And because EUDRAGUARD® biotic can be applied and processed at low temperatures, sensitive ingredients remain fully intact.

EUDRAGUARD® Biotic Colonic delivery Unique market solution for targeted colonic delivery Pre- and probiotics

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