Taste and odor masking for nutraceuticals.

EUDRAGUARD® protect is a highly robust and versatile polymer designed for immediate release formulations. It offers reliable taste and odor masking to ensure the product appeals to customers and protects ingredients from light, moisture and oxygen, which could impact ingredient effectiveness. The coatings give a smooth and even finish, improving visual appeal and making the finished product easier to swallow. They also enhance storage stability.

Moreover, EUDRAGUARD® protect is quick and simple to apply with standard equipment at low temperatures, helping preserve the integrity of heat-sensitive ingredients.

EUDRAGUARD® protect ReadyMix is a ready-to-use powder that contains all the ingredients needed to form effective protective coatings for nutraceuticals. The spray suspension is formed by simply adding water to the ReadyMix while stirring.

EUDRAGUARD® protect ReadyMix, a one-component system, is a ready-to-use mixture of the polymer plus excipients that can be augmented with pigments for a colored coating for customer convience. It can be applied to solid oral dosage forms such as tablets, capsules and multiparticules. And because it is based on EUDRAGUARD® protect, the mix meets the regulatory requirements for use in dietary supplements in the European Union (E 1205) and the United States (GRAS).

EUDRAGUARD® Protect Taste and odor masking Enhanced storage stability Vitamins
Moisture protection Pleasent consumption due to taste and odor masking Minerals
Protection from light and oxidation Nice and smooth surface Cosmoceuticals
Instant release in the stomach Herbal extracts

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