Bilberry Extract from global natural products pioneer BGG is a high-purity product like no other in the world’s supplement-ingredient marketplace. In fact, BGG is one of very few manufacturers in the world that verifiably produces high-quality, truly authentic bilberry extract. Not to mention, we produce the largest quantities of the ingredient compared to any other producer on earth. Backed by our highly reliable customer service, our Bilberry Extract meets the strictest industry standards ‒ delivering true high-value performance.


Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry) is a member of the Ericaceae family, BGG bilberry fruit is exclusively harvested in North Europe

Health benefits

Vision protection, Improve blood circulation, Anti-inflammatory, Powerful anti-oxidant, Anti-diabetes

Active constituents

The pharmacologically active constituents of bilberry include flavonoid compounds, mainly anthocyanidins. The concentration of anthocyanidins extracted from bilberry is far higher than that from other species

Product advantages

• Bilberries exclusively sourced from North Europe.

• Secure, safe, and stable supply of raw materials

• Passes most stringent HPLC testing

• Highest purity & Lowest residual solvents


Available in capsules or tablets and can be used as pharmaceutical ingredient and functional ingredient for dietary supplement.

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