Beta-carotene is a colour pigment belonging to a group of plant substances named carotenoids. It offers a full spectrum of yellow and orange shades, which is found in many fruits and vegetables, i.e. carrots, melons, and mango.

Beta-carotene is a safe source of Vitamin A, as the body converts the Beta-carotene into Vitamin A when Vitamin A levels are low. As a physiological antioxidant Beta-carotene can also prevent damage caused by free radicals.Allied’s Altratene® Beta-carotene formulations can be used in both oil, water and powder based applications.

Altratene 1% CWS -Beta-carotene A very versatile product, which has been serving the food segment for many years. Its range of yellow colour shades is used in products like custards, cake mixes, beverages, yogurts, soups, sauces etc. Powder
Altratene 5% CWS -Beta-carotene It combines all the benefits of Altratene 1% CWS in a more cost effective formulation. Powder
Altratene 10% CWS -Beta-carotene It provides a range of yellow-orange colour shades. Particularly popular amongst beverages manufacturers, but also used in many other types of applications. Powder
Altratene 10% CWS/N -Beta-carotene It provides a slightly more reddish colour shade than Altratene 10% CWS Powder
Altratene 30% OS (-SF)-Beta-carotene A suspension of Beta-carotene in vegetable oil and the most concentrated form on the market. It finds its way into a large array of applications i.e. margarine, dressings, soups, sauces, etc. Oil Suspension
Altratene 20% TG A fine red agglomerate containing 20% β-carotene E160a(i). The β-carotene is encapsulated in a matrix of maltodextrin, modified starch, sucrose, vegetable oil, antioxidants and silicon dioxide.Used as a source of Vitamin A for food, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical products Powder

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