THICKENER SILICA- Silica Dioxide (ZI-185 type)

JSJ’S thickener silica is High whiteness, synthetic amorphous silica can reach more than 97%, and it can provide the toothpaste with white, fine and smooth appearance. Low iron content, can be as low as 100mg/kg, and has good compatibility with flavor and other effective ingredients, therefore, it can give toothpaste a stable quality. It meets the test requirements for silicon dioxide as described in the latest edition of United States Pharmacopoeia/National Formulary (USP/NF), for silica, dental type as described in the latest edition of the European Pharmacopoeia (EP).

Silica Dioxide (ZI-185 type)is a high pore volume silica gel with a large internal surface area. It has a strong affinity for moisture and organic based liquids. Silica Dioxide (ZI-185 type)can adsorb up to 1.6 ml of liquid per gram. Silica Dioxide (ZI-185 type)is particularly recommended as a glidant,tabletting-aid and carrier for pharmaceutical and personal care products. It has excellent compatibility with active ingredients.

High internal MESO porosity and surface area High efficiency for lower costs Controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients. As free flow regulator
High adsorptive capacity Carry higher level of liquids/ actives As active agent carrier
High bulk density for lower dust Cleaner work areas and less chance of cross contamination As tabletting aid and for direct tabletting
Controlled particle size distribution More uniform blending resulting in improved content uniformity As suspension aid (water, oily, alcohol)
For increasing the disintegration speed and improvement in the capillary wetting of tablets
For the shortening of Dragee processing times for sugar dragees
For gel formation
Adsorption of wound secretions
Limitation of electrostatic charges during sieving
Orodispersible tablets
Taste masking
Moisture scavanger / protector

Also used for Toothpaste applications