Lycopene has inspired and challenged us for over twenty years—it was the carotenoid we started with and the one we keep coming back to, year after year, as we learn more about this incredible phytonutrient and the way it benefits our wellbeing from the womb to our twilight years.Because of lycopene we established our own approach to vertical integration, which we like to call holistic production. From the seeds of our carefully cultivated tomatoes to the seeds of our scientific and creative thinking, the way we share our lycopene with the world is truly unique and the result of our commitment to quality. Discover our seal and how it represents our core values here.

Non-GMO Allergen-free Certified Kosher (OU) Certified Halal (IFANCA) Standardized from Tomatoes Acceptable for Use in Dietary Supplements GRAS for Food and Beverage Use

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Lycopene 5% - Powder & Beadlets - Natural
Lycopene 10% - Beadlets - Natural
Lycopene 20% - Powder - Natural
Beta Carotene 20% - Powder - NI
Beta Carotene 20% CWS - Beadlets - Natural
Beta Carotene 20% OS (Olive) - Natural