LECICO – Lecithin & Phospholipid Competence

LECICO is a team of lecithin experts with over 30 years of experience in developing, producing and marketing lecithin and special phospholipids. With its strong worldwide network, LECICO is specialized in attractive market niches such as various premium lecithin and high quality phospholipids made of soya, milk and marine raw materials
With over 30 years of experience in the area of lecithin,you can be certain that we thoroughly understand our products and their applications. Regardless of the industry, LECICO can find the perfect, tailor-made solutions for your company: from the initial idea to the finished product. From our offer of specialized lecithins and phospholipids, we offer you the right quality that is truly suitable for your individual requirements.

Lecithin – the natural choice

Lecithin is found in over 30,000 food recipes and is particularly important in food applications with customers in confectionery, baking, margarine and instantizing products. Lecithin’s unlimited application possibilities are not only extremely useful in the foodsector, but the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics,animal feed and a myriad of industrial applications. Every day, over 800 million people use products that contain lecithin. Lecithin has a dual, synergistic functionality. Its surface-active properties can be used in many ways as an emulsifier, stabilizer, wetting agent, or even as an antioxidant.

This technological functionality is complemented by the nutritional properties of the phospholipids contained in lecithin.Special lecithins are produced by using different raw materials and subjecting them to different processes like standardization, deoiling, fractionating, enzymatic modification and combination with functional carriers.
For this reason, lecithins have been successful for many years in the production of food, but also used in dietetic, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, animal nutrition and technical products.

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LECICO SUN 400 ORGANIC Emulsifier, Antioxidant, Wetting, Antspattering & Release Agent, Dust Binder, Crystallization Control, Softener, Extrusion Aid