General Silica- Silica Dioxide(FX-W1)

Silica Dioxide(FX-W1)silica is efficient in many pharmaceutical applications due to its unique morphology. It has a highly developed network of meso-pores that provide access to the large surface area that defines it’s performance and surface morphology allows it to promote the consistent release of the drug and protect it from degradation.

The result is a product that is :

Easy to incorporate, providing more uniform dispersion of actives and improved content uniformity High in adsorptive capacity - both for hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds.
Silica Dioxide(FX-W1)is micronized synthetic amorphous silica gels of high purity that are widely formulated into many pharmaceutical products. In therapeutic categories, i.e. Anti-infectives, Central Nervous System and Cardiovascular, they can effectively contribute to the processability, stability and release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and the shelf life of their finished dosage forms.


* Glidant
* Thickening, Gelation and Suspension
* Tabletting Aid
* Moisture Scavenger
* Carrier for Active Ingredients
* Disintegrant Aid
* Carrier for Liquisolids/SEDDS
* Excipients