Fruitose-Naturally sweet, naturally energizing

A non-GMO, food grade crystalline fructose, derived from sugar. It is the sweetest natural choice for producers of high quality foods and beverages

Technical Information

Definition: D-Fructose,Levulose, Fruit sugar

Appearance: White,free-flowing crystals

Taste: Clean sweet taste,sweeter than sucrose


✔✔ Highest natural sweetness level

Fruitose® is the sweetest of all nutritive sweeteners.It has on average 1.3 times the sweetness of sucrose in most food applications.

✔✔ Flavor enhancement

Its sweetness perception peaks and falls earlier than glucose and sucrose;Fruitose® is characterized by a rapid onset of high intensity sweetness with no lingering effect.

✔✔ Lowest glycaemic index (GI) among natural sweeteners

Fruitose® has a GI of 20 (Glucose = 100, Sucrose = 70).

Fruitose MS On 200 Min 95%
On 600 Max 1%
Fruitose S On 200 Min 95%
On 600 Max 15%
Fruitose N On 600 Min 90%
On 1200 Max 10%

✔✔ Slow release energy

Fruitose® is slowly converted to glucose.Sweetener of choice for diabetics, athletes and health conscious people.

✔✔ Non-insulin dependent

The metabolism of Fruitose® is markedly different from that of glucose and is largely insulin-independent. Special metabolic pathways lead to reduced glucose and insulin blood plasma levels after Fruitose® consumption.

✔✔Makes non-caloric sweeteners sweeter & more palatable

Sweetness boosted when used with artificial sweeteners (masking effect).


Jams, Yogurt & Dairy Desserts, Ice Cream & Sorbet, Baked Goods, Health & Energy Bars, Beverages, Diet & Energy Drinks, Baby Food, Reduced-calorie Food

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