BGG is a global leader clinically-supported natural ingredients for the dietary supplement, cosmetics, and food and beverage industries.

We start with the highest quality, wild-crafted, organic and non-GMO raw materials and produce natural ingredients and nutritional solutions.

BGG has been a supplier of innovative and high-quality dietary and pharmaceutical ingredients based on its extensive knowledge of traditional botanical medicine and modern testing and production technologies. The company has worked with scientists from China’s top institutions to research Chinese herbs and develop new health applications for herbs from both China and around the world.

* A Multinational company in the Nutraceuticals Industry founded in 1995.

* The headquarter is located in Bejing. Owns branches in the US and Japan respectively.

* Ranked in the top 200 development potential enterprise by Forbes

* Specialized in functional botanical extracts and derivatives for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food/beverage, tobacco, and dietary supplement industries.

* 8 factories located in 7 cities (red points in the map below) around China, which is respectively nearest to the original center of various pharmaceutical material.

* More than 300 employees, including 6 PhD, 35 masters, and more than 70 professional and technical personnel.

* R&D-driven phytochemical manufacturer.

* Strong R&D team and world leading level Biotechnology-based Research Laboratory.

* Insistent investment on R&D work

* Patent in the US, Japan and China

* Product quality certified by ISO,GMP,HACCP, IP non GMO, KOSHER and Halal.

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Astaxanthin 3% Beadlets (Natural) CAROTENOIDS
Astaxanthin Powder (Natural) CAROTENOIDS
Bilberry Extract 25% - European Origin EXTRACTS