Abrasive Silica -Silica Dioxide (MIA type)

Silica Dioxide (MIA type) is a synthetic, amorphous silica appearing as a white, free-flowing powder. It meets the test requirements for silicon dioxide as described in the latest edition of United States Pharmacopoeia/National Formulary (USP/NF) and for hydrated silicon dioxide. Silica Dioxide (MIA type) is a low pore volume gel with a very large internal surface area. It has a strong affinity for moisture even at very low humidity levels. Silica Dioxide (MIA type) is particularly recommended as a free flow and tabletting additive for pharmaceutical products where humidity must be kept to a minimum. It has excellent compatibility with active ingredients.

* Increased Physical Stability of hygroscopic systems (API, Polymer, Natural Extract
* Intragranular Desiccant / Moisture control up to 80% RH
* Stabilise the water in your formulation to protect API
* High surface area 700m2/g provides monolayered water under all RH%.


* Low dust
* Easy to disperse/handle
* Porosity is developed intra-particle
* Porosity available after compression
* Higher available surface area



* Anti-caking agent
* Improves flow properties and homogeneity


* Matting agent
* Wetting agent: capillary wetting, aqueous and gastric wetting

Tabletting Aid

* Improves tablet hardness, tensile strength, structural stability and reduces friability
* Ensures uniform tablet weight

Wetting Agent/Disintegrant Aid

* Helps tablet break up faster by adsorbing moisture
* Wetting agent: aqeuous and gastric wetting, ODT’s
* Permeabilising agent

Desiccant/Moisture control

* Insures long term product storage stability
* Adsorbs moisture and oils keeping powders dry to prevent degradation